23rd Sep, 2016

This is another fantastic 3 colour engraving by Trevor Haddrell RWA SWE our October exhibitor. It shows the interior of the Bristol Hippodrome in all its majesty. More than 70 works by this exceptional artist will appear in the exhibition which opens on Saturday 1st October and includes watercolours and drawings as well as his prize winning engravings, and all at very affordable prices. You really need to see the exhibition on the wall to appreciate all the fine details but you can preview the exhibition on our website here:


16th Sep, 2016

Here is an engraving of the West Pier in Brighton before it burnt down by Trevor Haddrell the award winning artist / printmaker from Bristol who will be exhibiting with us in October.
WARNING: If you are looking for a quiet time by the sea this weekend you'd be better heading for Brighton rather than Tenby as the town and surrounding areas are totally swamped by the Ironman Wales event...and we will be closed on Sunday when the main event takes place too. Hope to see you soon when it is all over.

6th Sep, 2016

This magnificent oil painting has just been added to our current exhibition hotfoot from the Royal Society of Marine Artists at the Mall Galleries in London. It is by Bob Grimson and depicts Brixham trawlers and, on the right Tenby Luggers, leaving Tenby Harbour in times past. Bob now lives near Fishguard but has sailed as far as Venezuela on boats he has built himself so his understanding of sea and sky is second to none. View the entire exhibition here: